something new in iontophoresis

something new in iontophoresis

something new in iontophoresissomething new in iontophoresissomething new in iontophoresis

hyperhidrosis breakthrough

reputation + innovation

Dr. Robert A. Fischer pioneered the process of Tap Water Iontophoresis (TWI) to treat hyperhidrosis in 1948. The technology has seen little innovation. Until now...

Metal-Free Electrodes

Silicone-graphite electrodes replace traditional, more dangerous metal plates. These silicone-graphite electrodes are flelxible, add 33% more surface area for treatment, and won't corrode over time.

Direct & Pulsed Currents

 Integrating direct and pulsed currents into one device allows patients to treat according to their own personal preferences, whether they're looking to treat faster or more comfortably.

Active Treatment Display (ATD)

Don’t wonder if the iontophoresis is working. With The Fischer’s ATD, a bar graph displays in real-time when peak milliamperes (mA) have been reached during treatment.

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AAD in Denver, CO

9am - 6pm


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AAD in Denver, CO

Modern iontophoresis will debut live at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Conference in March 19, 2020.  

9am - 6pm


benefits of modern iontophoresis

Better Results, Twice As Fast

See drier results in days, not weeks. For palmar-plantar hyperhidrosis patients, the ability to treat your hands and feet at the same time cuts your iontophoresis session times in half.

A More Comfortable Experience

 Intelligent control software allows your body to comfortably adjust to the treatment at the beginning and end of each session. 

Anti-Shock Protection

 By recognizing potential voltage peaks during treatment, new Anti-Shock technology eliminates any chance of "electric fence effect." 

coming soon: the new fischer

Safe & Skin-Friendly

The new Fischer iontophoresis device (available 3/20/20) features state-of-the-art silicone-graphite electrodes. Unlike traditional metal plates that become discolored and less-effective over-time, The Fischer electrodes are durable, bendable, and scratch-resistant.

3-Button Operation

Why complicate things? The Fischer's 3-button interface makes it the most user-friendly iontophoresis device today. The device also tracks the details of your last session for a one-touch start.

Ergonomic Armrests

Bath trays with ergonomic armrests allow you to position your hands naturally and comfortably during treatment. The trays are even large enough for treating both hands and both feet at the same time.

about the treatment


Iontophoresis treatment consists of placing your hands and/or feet in two small bath trays, each filled with tap water. A mild current pushes the natural minerals found in tap water into your sweat pores, essentially “plugging them up” to create a long-lasting dryness barrier. 



A custom foam insert prevents immediate skin contact with the silicon-grpahite electrodes. For treating underarm sweating (axillary hyperhidrosis), two water-soaked sponge pouches containing silicon-graphite electrodes deliver the minerals into your sweat pores.


Patients can choose between Direct Current (DC) or Pulsed Current (PC). DC is considered more effective with faster results, while PC may offer a more comfortable experience for patients who are highly sensitive to treatment.



In the last decades, hundreds of scientific case studies have been published on tap water iontophoresis. The treatment is described as being very efficient with minimal side effects. On average, the patient success rate is 91%.

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Dr. Rolf Eilers

Annemarie Briskey

Dr. Zakikya Rice

"The new Fischer device is truly superior in terms of technology, treatment effectiveness, and ease of use for patients. I highly recommend."

Dr. Zakikya Rice

Annemarie Briskey

Dr. Zakikya Rice

"Iontophoresis is reliably effective, safe, and affordable." 

Annemarie Briskey

Annemarie Briskey

Annemarie Briskey

 "My son has only been using the machine for a week, but has already noticed a marked decline in the amount of hand sweating. Absolutely recommend the machine."